Born Mersed Imamovic in Mostar from Bosnia And Hercegovina February 12, 1989 is a songwriter and singer. Began his music career early 2020 and is new to the music industry but has always loved latin style music such as Reggaeton, Urban Pop, bachata along with

current Pop, and Dance music. Sings and writes in over 4 different languages with his favorite being Spanish/Latin followed by English, Italian and Serbo/Croatian. Expected to release songs early 2021 in English and Spanish. Mersed looks up to some of his favorite artits: Maluma, Sebastian Yatra, Romeo Santos, Justin Timberlake and many more. His album will be a multilingual mix of songs.

Early life:

Mersed lived in Bosnia for a few years before moving to Italy due to a war outbreak in his country. After living in Italy for 7 years he moved to the USA to finish high school. After finishing school he worked as a mechanic for several years in his family business. Started writing poems in middle school and never really thought this would help him write songs later on in life. Started writing songs at age 25 and at 30 actually putting it in the studio test. His passion for Latin music started from the group Aventura when he was still learning Spanish mid 2000’s loved it so much without fully understanding Spanish and when he learned Spanish he fell in love even more that years later he started writing songs on his own.

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